Cocktail Claw Machine background information:

Breaking or crushing crab claws is a labour intensive and potentially high wastage process that many processors tolerate in spite of low yields and productivity.
Now you can do so with hardly any waste, thanks to Snorre Technology’s development of a machine that breaks crab claws much more efficiently than traditional methods.
Before they witnessed the results of production trials, all our customers believed this was a machine they could manage without. After witnessing the results of trials, they all bought it. This machine doesn’t take lunch breaks. Ask us to provide you with references.

Benefits and Specifications:

The Snorre Cocktail Claw Machine can be used either for producing cocktail claws, or for breaking up claws for further processing. It reduces the risk of injury as opposed to hand picking.

Its characteristics include:

– Capacity up to 6000 claws/hour

– Virtually labour-free

– Very reliable

– Easier handling after crushing, no damage to the meat

– Excactly right crushing level for further processing

– Low maintenance and easy to clean

– The Snorre Cocktail Claw Machine is compact and portable, requiring only 1.5 m2 when in use. It is produced in stainless steel with food-quality industrial cylinders.

Machine connection requirements:

– Pneumatic quick coupling, air pressure between 6 – 8 bar

– Single phase 10 A 230 V power supply



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