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Leg Machine

Leg Machine


The white meat from crab legs has high value but extracting it is a demanding task to achieve commercially.

Experience suggests that the best yields from Snorre’s Leg Machine is achieved when the legs have been cooked for 4-7 minutes. With Snorre’s Slaughter Machine, this is easily achievable.


The current model is a further improvement of Snorre Technology’s previous Leg Machines. Ask us to provide you with references.

It produces a consistent quality and yield, using much less labour than traditional methods. It’s easy to operate by one person per machine, portable for flexibility and compact, taking up only 1 m2 when in use. Produced in stainless steel with food-quality industrial cylinders, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Its characteristics include:

salad meat yield 33-45% of the leg weight
high product quality, preserving its natural appearance
only one operator
can produce around 6 kg meat/hour
low maintenance and easy to clean

Machine connection requirements:

pneumatic quick coupling, air pressure between 6 – 8 bar
single phase 10 A 230 V power supply