Shell Washer background information:

Many processors use the crab shell as its packaging tray. The quality of the process can therefore significantly influence the appearance of the finished product. Traditionally, crab shells are cleaned by hand, using washing soda and other agents.
Snorre’s system cleans crab shells completely, without the need for chemicals. It has been used for many years by Norway’s leading processors. Ask us to provide you with references.

Benefits and Specifications:

Snorre’s Crab Shell Washer doesn’t use chemicals, so the shell’s natural colour is protected and it is ready for use immediately after cleaning.

Its characteristics include:

– Capacity up to 1500 shells/hour

– Needs only one operator

– Cleans shells totally without chemicals

– Low maintenance and easy to clean

– The Snorre Crab Shell Washer is compact and portable, requiring only 1.5 m2 ..when in use. It is produced in stainless steel.

Machine connection requirements:

– high pressure water – 30 l/min (a water compressor can be supplied)
three phase 10 A 400/230 V power supply



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