Slaughter Machine background information:

Traditional crab slaughtering methods are high-risk. With Snorre’s Slaughter system you shift this critical processing to low-risk. White and brown meat yields are increased, hygiene is improved and the process is faster. Labour costs are reduced and shelf-life can be extended. Also, it is by far the most humane way to slaughter crab, as opposed to cooking it to death.
Please note that brown meat yield is increased when the shells are cooked open versus traditional whole crab cooking. The brown meat does not dissolve in the boiling water.
Snorre has more than 20 years experience of developing our technology for raw crab slaughter. In 2002, only 5% of Norwegian processed crabs were slaughtered raw; by the end of 2005 the figure was 95%. Ask us to provide you with references.

Benefits and Specifications:

Snorre’s 3rd generation Slaughter Machine is simple, effective and affordable.

Its characteristics include:

Snorre’s Slaughter Machine is suitable for Cancer Pagurus and other Cancer species. Produced in stainless steel, each machine requires 4 m2 and can process up to 1500 crabs/hour with 2 operatives. It is modular, so more machines can be added to suit all levels of production.

– Capacity up to 1000 crabs/hour

– Critical production moved from high-risk to low-risk environment

– White meat yield increased

– Shorter process

– Potential for extended shelf life

– Low maintenance and easy to clean

Machine connection requirements:

– Water supply 5 bar pressure, 40 litres/minute (20 litres/minute per operator)

– Three phase 400/230 V power supply



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